Piano Tuning Info

Now’s a great time to schedule your piano tuning.

Hi. My name is Joe Townend.

Cost for a tuning is $135.

If your piano has not been tuned recently and the A4 note is more than 10 cents below A440, then the cost is $150 as it takes longer to get the piano up to the proper pitch. If there is a longer drive involved, there may be an additional mileage charge.

Call now 520 271-6318

I have been tuning pianos for over 35 years with experience in Los Angeles, Minneapolis and here in Tucson for the last 25 years.

I am capable of working on anything from a Steinway grand to a family practice piano.

I love pianos and I bet you love yours too. Keeping your instrument tuned regularly makes it possible to get the greatest enjoyment out of it.

If repairs are needed, when I come to tune your piano I can give you an estimate at that time.

I do not work on old-fashioned player pianos.

Evening and weekend appointments also available.

Call Joe now 520 271-6318